In my search for a nice holiday greeting i ran into the tag cloud generator. It is a great tool which can give a good perspective – not only on a blog’s content, but also on any kind of text document or a specific url. This way you can learn on a word density in a paragraph/page/url, and besides – it’s a great visualization and adds a typographic value to the conventional term called tag cloud. Take a look on 2 different tag cloud generators that I found, and check out the beautiful algorithm which builds the cloud:

http://www.wordle.net/ – This “toy”, as they call it, generates a cloud from any kind of content you will choose: Paste in a text box a bunch of text, enter your website’s desired page url or RSS feed, or just apply your del.icio.us user name and the application will do the work. The great thing is that the generator’s algorithm uses horizontal, vertical or even diagonal directions to create a nice harmonic tag cloud, and uses any space to fill-in tags – even between letters or inside of a letter’s space! check out this preview:

Wordle Tag Generator

The generator’s features are cool: You can define the font, color palate, positioning and style. You also have this cool button called “Randomize” which generates in a second a different style to the same content. For an example – below you can find few “Randomized” outputs for the same text:

Wordle Tag cloud Generator

Wordle Tag cloud Generator

Wordle Tag cloud Generator

Wordle Tag cloud Generator


Please read my review on the Flypaper application following the webinar Here or in the following link, at my company’s blog:
(I wouldn’t want to duplicate this content 馃檪

Thanks, Tamir

Here’s the picture!

Tamir Cohen + Amit Peleg with Clifinar reward

Tamir Cohen + Amit Peleg with Clifinar reward

Just for the record, yesterday was the last day of the clifinar contest. Those of you who still don’t know what it is, just search the word “clifinar” in google and get about 45,000 search results, leading me and my colleague Mr. Amit Peleg on the 1st place. Description in 2 words – SEO Contest.
We got a huge check (huge dimensions) with a nice sum which can pay for a very good stiffed-neck-massage in a spa for both of us 馃槈
The real reward in this contest for me was the great SEO lesson I got. In steps, I would describe it as below:

1. Learning the basic rules of the field
2. Creating an infrastructure for the activity
3. Implementing聽the knowledge and creating a linked, content supported, strong structure
4. Planning and implementing聽strategy, using SEO tools and the material we created
5. Taking tactic steps according to the situation in the contest, keeping all the time few cards close to the chest 馃槈

I must say that I couldn’t do it without my highly qualified team mate – Amit. It was a great pleasure working on this with him聽and learning from him. Thanks, RABAK!

That’s it for the Subject above, I promise to post the cute picture with the check receiving as soon as I get it…

More about Wix.com

I continue exploring the flash-based web 2.0 website, and I have a few answers, some of them lead to new questions. Today my colleague – Dan Perach, asked me about uploading your own swf stuff to wix.com. Well, I have an interesting answer, Dan –聽Yes and No, which lead us to the details.

1. A short summary

As a “Flashy city of sites”, it is supposed to be obvious聽that you could upload your stuff to this smart Flashy CMS (Content Management System). well, at least for now, it doesn’t. The truth is that you have the option to upload .swf file, but the editor titles it as an “OLD SWF”. And im talking about a fresh CS3 swf file which was published to the newest version, so… Wix guys, do what you have to do to make it work!

2. The upload flow

When you聽open the editor and聽move over聽the Media button on the left, you can see below the “my media” option:

wix CMS editor interface

wix CMS editor interface

After you聽click聽the “my media” button you get the option to upload .swf files. you upload it easily to your gallery, but when you drag it to your stage, it looks like a red title – OLD SWF:

wix "OLD SWF" alert

wix "OLD SWF" alert

3. The search for an answer

After few tries, checking myself over and over again, I turned into the Q&A section to find my answers. it looks like a deja vous: The question exists, the answer is not.

Wix guys, I like your idea and believe in it, but take care of this crushial stuff!!!

Thanks for asking, Dan!!!

It is a great pleasure to post the 9th report of the Clifinar contest, from 2 reasons. First, we’re still on the first place. Secondary – MY BLOG IS BACK TO THE GAME! after a long disappearance – I think it was some kind of a punishment – tamirco.com is in the 9th place!

A Very Big Jump on the Contest

Few hours ago, I “flew” with the search results and found out that my SEO efforts brought me to the 134 place on the Contest. On this report, which was taken at 22:14 today, it seems like I jumped 125 steps up… My assumption is that after reading my few non Clifinar posts, Google decided that my punishment was enough.聽The reason? it聽can be聽too many聽tags of the Clif. Contest, maybe聽a high density of that word in my posts, but my guess is that I just linked too much to our winning page. Anyway, as I said, I’m very happy about it and hope to stay in the neighbourhood. Take a look:

First of all, the Clifinar competition is getting close to it’s end, and we’re good for now. You can check the聽search results for Clifinar in google, it looks like we’re still the 1st.

In the meantime, I took a little time to explore a new website – wix.com, which offers free Flash web聽templates, and claims to be SEO friendly… Well I don’t know how exactly, but I’m going to check it on my temporary homepage on tamirco.com.
Besides the SEO question, I liked the idea. It is based on the “embed” technology, so it is quite simple:

1. You open an account
2. You can choose your template out of a large variety of cool, Flashy styles
3. Start Editing your website with a flashy CMS. it needs some more fine tuning, but it is quite friendly.
4. After you finish editing, you save your work. in this point you can choose how to publish your website: by mail, inside wix.com or – EMBED!
5. I checked the 3rd option and embedded the code to my index.html of tamirco.com. now, whenever I update and save my work at wix.com, it is being replaced (with a refresh action) in my website!

I liked the idea, though I still don’t know how they claim to be SEO friendly, when they use the Embed technique.